FAQ - About Buying Property from Us

We will happily answer your questions with absolutely NO PRESSURE to buy or sell.

We have been buying and selling vacant land since 2016.

We have done land deals in Arizona, California, Indiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, and West Virginia.

We are in the land business. We buy from people who no longer want or need the land and then sell to someone who can use it.

We no longer offer payment plans, but you may still arrange financing through your bank. All sales are through a title company.

Our properties are priced to sell, so people buy them quickly. Some are even purchased from us before we have a chance to advertise them.

We can add your name to our buyers list and you will get an email when a property becomes available and before it gets widely advertised. Drop us a line in the Contact Form and mention the state and counties that interest you.

No, we are buyers, not real estate agents, so we cannot sell land for you. However, we can purchase it from you and then resell it.

Sometimes we can pay a little more than our written offer. However, if you need a price that is close to market value, you should list the property with a realtor.

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We will call or email you when we have property for sale in your chosen area. We will NOT share your information with anyone unless they are involved in a real estate transaction (title company, realtor, etc.)