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Our Easy Selling Process

How do we make it so easy for you to purchase property from us?

Our Buyer
Our buyers are ordinary people who just want a place to call their own. We also have buyers who are also in the land business. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to purchase and. The one thing our buyers all have in common is this: They want the process to be quick and easy for them. We make the buying process as easy as possible. Most properties can be sold on the same day you contact us.
Where to Begin?
Some properties will need to go through a Title Company to close and that takes a little more time. The process begins when you see our advertisements on Land and Farm or LandWatch or CraigsList or on our Website. You find the property that you want and call or email us. We will answer your questions about the property. Then, when you decide that the property is right for you, we close the deal in one of three ways.
You will love owning land!
We are not real estate agents or brokers, and we don’t represent anyone else in these transactions. Every property that we sell is sold with a clear title with no liens or back taxes owed. You get the land at the lowest possible price so that the money saved on the land purchase can go toward the improvements that you want to make, such as a well or a fence.

3 Ways to Pay

No Closing - Online or by Chashier's Check
This is the fastest way to close on selling this property and the most common way we sell land. After you tell us you want to buy the land we send you an invoice by email that you can pay with a credit or debit card or a cashier's check. When the payment is received, we prepare the deed to convey the property to you and send it by Priority Mail to you. It comes with brief instructions on how to get the deed recorded at the county.
Meet with a Traveling Notary
In some cases we use a Traveling Notary to close the sale at your home. We send the documents to the Notary and he/she will call you to set up an appointment. The Notary arrives at your home and gives you the deed in exchange for your check. You will also receive written instructions on how to get the deed recorded at the county. Then the Notary returns the check to us.
Meet with a Title Company
For higher value properties and urban lots where there are more loose ends that need to be tied up, we must close in a title office. This is the slowest and most costly option for closing a land deal. In some cases, it must be done this way and we will usually state this requirement in the advertisement.

Pay in Full and Save!

We offer discounts for customers who pay in full for a property in one payment.

Look for the Buy Now Price in out listings.


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Phone 317-771-9551
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